Dining with Friends for Montgomery Aids Outreach

January 20, 2012


This is a cause dear to my heart. At a very young age I read Ryan White’s biography. In college I elected to take a semester-long course on AIDS in the community and political view. We read this book and I have scrunched my brow in frustration ever since concerning the politics surrounding this life-taking disease.

Our group of friends jumped at the chance to host a fundraising dinner for our local Aids Outreach program as part of their biggest annual fundraiser, Dining with Friends.” And we were going to do it right! Chili, beer, cornbread and a backyard filled with party lights, burlap-covered tables and wildflower arrangements was our gift to guests for their donation. The fabulous Magnolia Brewery in Mississippi donated some of their fine Southern Pecan beer to help us have even more fun. We had a blast gathering chilli recipes (taste-tested prior of course!) and borrowing cast-iron skillets from friends to treat our guests with a delicious southern meal under the stars.

Designing and mailing out the invitation got me excited! In a matter of an hour I whipped out these accompanying pieces (southern sayings and all) to mark the dinner and beverage options. I’ll admit, the church references are my favorite.

Sometimes we still daydream about setting back up the poles of party lights just to sit and talk beneath their glow.

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