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June 18, 2013

Tickled is an understatement when I tell you that today I have my first by-line on Apartment Therapy‘s Kitchn.com blog. Little ‘ole me? Well, yes ‘mam.

Turns out your best friends (and husbands who know all about technology and absolutely nothing about shelter blogs) are quite fine cheerleaders if you let them be. After my awesome friend Melissa (have you seen From Scratch magazine? This girl is a homestead superstar.) tipped me off to this post on TheKitchn.com mentioning the search for new contributors, I promptly filed the idea into the “that would be cool” file. I did give it some thought but didn’t take much action. Days before that deadline, and with a few hours notice, my now famous, skinny cook friend opened her kitchen and family up for me to take a big leap and send off a submission.

Thanks to all the awesome cheerleaders that made this happen. I’m thrilled to show off the south and the overflowing wealth of fine folks and even finer cookin’ we have in our region.

Check out my first post on Bo and Lindsey’s kitchen here (bonus: a cute baby!) : my first post on TheKitchn.com!

I’ll be continuing to do tours of kitchens in our region. Send me a note of you have or know of a great kitchen to share.


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