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February 5, 2013

Doing things out of love is one thing I KNOW lights my heart on fire. I’ve always gotten a great big knot in my throat (the good kind!) when I’m making something happen in pursuit of nothing more than a big smile in return.

Earlier last month I started a new portion on my to do list. The tasks in the “for others” section rarely lasted more than 48 hours before getting a sharpie line right through them. I LOVED marking them off! Not because it was one more “to do” I accomplished, but because it made me full of joy to know my time had been well-spent in bringing joy and happiness to someone else. Big or small, they reminded me how much actions of love can alter a life, or even just a day.

So last Saturday morning I hopped in the kitchen to break in the Weelicious cookbook from my sweet in-laws and whip up a batch of homemade graham crackers. I’m not supermom enough to insist that everything we share with Thomas is homemade, but I do like the idea of avoiding as much from a box as possible; especially when it comes to cookies and crackers.

It’s a super easy recipe, even if you aren’t right at home in the kitchen (like me). Photos of my adventure are above. The first one is about the point my first “Is it supposed to look like that?” thought kicked in. Of course I’d already checked the recipe half a dozen times to make sure I was following it just right. Things shaped up after a little work. Before I stuck these lovelies in the oven, you better bet I had my pica pole out (bonus points if anyone even knows what that is) and was measuring to see if I had gone way over the suggested 1/4 inch for the dough.

Everything turned out great! Why was I so worried? I’m such a nervous cook; and for no apparent reason since I don’t recall ever making anything that was completely inedible. I do plan on taking the thickness down a notch on our next batch so Thomas can munch on these alone. They came out just a little too thick for eight teeth to handle alone.

This one little to do sure filled my heart right up. I enjoyed setting aside time to do something special for someone I loved. And what better month to have a freezer full of heart-shaped cookies to share? Snack time never was so sweet.

If you want to give the recipe a try, check it and soo many great recipes for all ages on the Weelicious website.

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