A Fresh View

March 14, 2017



Breaking pace can feel a lot like failure or victory—-you choose. A season of taking back a little of freedom and focusing mostly on what’s in front of me has been sprinkled with some serious grace for myself and a huge appreciation for stepping to the side and letting everyone else run on by. What a whirlwind we all find ourselves in when there isn’t a quiet moment in the day or we’re scooting from one thing to the next, to the next and then dinner and then bed. I took back workout time (after a brief hiatus) and made it part of everyday for mental health foremost. What a relief to carve a portion out for what matters. It feels like singing “Amazing Grace” at just the right volume and doubling-up on fresh fruit in morning yogurt. I’m grateful these months for a few moments to marvel at plants budding and bounding up, up, up every new day. And I really like the mid-day light that streams over the table of green hugging our big dining room window. Enjoying such a treat means my keyboard pace picks up some speed and some pressure. It’s all feeling much more graceful instead of lacking and just about the right pace for looking back with a sincere smile.

p.s. This message brought to you by a soon-to-be Spring Break schedule (and a little day-dreaming.)

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