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Blurry baby bottom

February 4, 2013

That blurry baby bottom is my whole heart. When I stepped up to a big dream of being my own boss over a year ago, being the best of everything for him was the goal in sight. Somedays that’s a challenge beyond measure. Being mom plus (insert SO many directions to be pulled here) is a lot of pressure. But the days I untie that guilt and know it’s all in my head are the good ones. Running across that blurry baby bottom on my phone tonight was a sweet little reminder of how inspiring love can truly be.

Wherever you are, be all there.

January 28, 2013

Much of January and too much of today has me focused on me, looking inside and searching hard for a balance or way to juggle it all (wife, mother, work-at-home mama awesomeness, health and family). There have been some moments of clarity and an equal of total confusion. I rushed around this morning, baby on hip and work on my mind. To do’s clogged my clarity. I didn’t prepare. I didn’t make time to pray. I didn’t stop and love FULLY. And it got me all undone.

Determined to reset, I cleared mental to dos, made lunch and set things up to dive in to the deadline pounding in my brain. When I sat down it all was staring me in the face. One text message that reminded me I’d forgotten something and someone really important to me. A ton of guilt and total embarrassment made me TRULY stop.

I forget that each day isn’t all or nothing. It’s not my goal to do it all and do it best. My number one job is to LOVE. Being present in the simplest ways, thankful for the little things and making every action about love have been the best parts of this month. I smile more. I hug tighter. I sit still. I listen. And I’m happier.

It’s not always that clear, but it’s always that easy.


– These fine canine footies belong to the ever-loving Roscoe the hound dog (my beautiful friend Mandy’s heart and joy). He’s inspired a whole lot that I hope we get to share soon. –

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